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Treasure Box Family Life Productions, Media Transfer in Lancaster, PA
Family - Tree - Media Transfer in Lancaster, PA

Movie & Slide Transfers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

At Treasure Box Family Life Productions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we specialize in old movie transfers, slide transfers, and converting your home movies to disc. If you have older films, home movies, slides, or older movie reels, and you want to convert them to an up-to-date format, look no further!
Men and Women - Tree - Slide Transfer in Lancaster, PA
Treasure Box Family Life Productions specializes in converting old movies and videos to DVD or CD using a specific quality process. This service is perfect for preserving videos of weddings and other special events. Contact us for more information or stop by to see what we can do for you.

Pricing for services

• Small 3" Reels—$.15 per Foot
• Reels 4" & Larger—$.12 per Foot
• Slides—$.15 a Piece
• VHS & Camcorder
transfers—$11.95 per media hour
• Replication—$4 per Disc

The Best in Quality & Service

The quality of the DVD or CD that we create is dependent on the quality of the slides or movie reel that you provide, however we always strive to provide the best possible quality.
Once the media transfer is complete, we provide you with a master and a copy so that you always have an extra for future replication. For your peace of mind, all transfers are completed in-store; nothing is shipped away to ensure we never lose your precious memories.
Contact us in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to learn more about our media transfer services.